The Isenia Manor – New building

Hi Beauties!

This a new building i made.

I originally made this manor for one of my best friends in SL, that’s why the house wears her name.
The shape, distribution and colors are entirely to her taste.
Is completely modifiable, so you can change the paper on the walls or make any other change you like.

149 prims for manor + 12 prims for sliding curtains + 28 for arches curtains group + 23 for windows curtains group – total= 212 prims
31×31 meters
Copy & Modify

1st floor
-Main entrance
On the left:
-Office (touch the middle of the library to find the secret door for the secret room!)
-Kitchen with pantry
On the right:
-Ballroom (or social room or whatever you want to use this big room)
-Dinning room
Straight near the stairs:

2nd floor
On the left:
-Bedroom n1 (i like to call it the lilac room)
-Bedroom n2 (the green room)
-Access to terrace.
On the right:
-Main bedroom (red room for love) with suite bathroom and private access to terrace.
Just in front of the stairs:
-Little bathroom.
-Access to the 3rd floor

3rd floor (upstairs)
-Attic and access to private terrace.


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